Feurtado Gallery functions as a dynamic multidisciplinary hub for contemporary artists and art audiences. Its founder, Willie Feurtado, is a classically trained artist whose work explores old master approaches in relation to present-day cultural production and concerns. As an extension of his own versatile practice, he envisioned this gallery as a laboratory that supports participants’ individual development while fostering artists’ direct engagement with each other and the public. Seeking to invigorate this exchange of perspectives and skills, the space welcomes a diverse range of aesthetic and conceptual concentrations in not only the visual arts, but other creative fields as well.

Through public gatherings such as exhibitions, studio visits, and artist critiques, the Feurtado Gallery offers fertile ground for collaboration, conversation, and education.

In addition to providing artists with workspace and a variety of forums to stimulate their work, we hope to partner with schools that lack funds for an art curriculum and cultivate mentorship programs for underprivileged youth.